Permanent Improvement Levy Projects 2013

This past summer, the District addressed many maintenance issues to our facilities and ushered in some improvements to our buildings. The District made use of the funds generated through our Permanent Improvement, or P.I., levy to pay for these projects. Permanent improvement levies are typically levies of a fixed life, which can be renewed by the voters of the community. The term "permanent" in the label, refers to the fact that law dictates that revenues from these types of levies, must be spent on costs associated with items that have a life of five years for more. The law prohibits the money generated from a P.I. levy from being used to buy books, consumable items such as paper, perishable items or to pay for the salaries and benefits of employees.  To read more about how your tax revenue was used this past summer, please follow this link:  2013 Permanent Improvement Revenue Projects