Guidance Counselor Position

Question: Is it true that you will not be replacing the guidance counselor that retired? {April 8, 2015}

A retirement in our guidance department provides a perfect opportunity to evaluate our current structure relative to the number of counselors and the number of students served.  There is no intent to cut the position and only serve our students in grades K-12 with two school counselors.  However, the District is interested in re-evaluating our current arrangement in comparison with similar districts to determine if we can better serve all of our students.  Currently, our K-5 student population is slightly over 900 students, who are being served by one counselor.  Our 9-12 student population is approximately 400 and is served by two counselors.  The current arrangement needs to be examined to determine how potentially realiging the counselors could optimize the guidance department so that all of our students are getting an appropriate level of service according to the special needs that come with each grade level.