Administration Attendance at Events

Question: Did the rule change from last year that at every sporting event there has to be an administrator? Just asking because there was not one at the boys game last Friday. {August 24, 2015}

No Board policy, or rule, exists that requires the administration to attend every sporting event.  The administration at LaBrae Local makes every effort to attend varied events throughout the school year.  The purpose of attending school events serves three purposes.  First and foremost, the administration attends events to support our students and our programs. Additionally, when attending events, administrators are able to observe and assess the operation of our programs, which helps the administration evaluate their overall effectiveness.  Lastly, administrators at events work to ensure that fans in attendance, whether they are our students, parents, or visitors supporting our competition, abide by accepted protocols of fan behavior.  

Furthermore, some sporting events draw a significant number of fans, and as such become a greater priority for regular attendance at such events as opposed to others.  In fact, the bylaws of the Ohio High School Athletic Association require district representation at varsity football and varsity basketball games.  LaBrae ensures that there is a district representative at home varsity football and basketball events.  In most cases, the representative is an administrator.  On occasions when an administrator is not present, there is a designee who is serving as the district representative. Coaches are able to serve as a district's representative/designee when an administrator is not present.