LaBrae Cafeteria Offering Chick-fil-A?

Question:  I heard that the LaBrae cafeteria is going to begin offering Chick-fil-A starting in upcoming months?  Is this true?  Do they offer vegan chicken? {September 25, 2015}

There are no plans for the LaBrae cafeteria to offer Chick-fil-A on our menu.  The cafeteria has had promotional events in the past via partnerships with Domino's or Pizza Hut.  However, these promotional events are typically periodic one-day events.  There is currently no such arrangement to offer the same with Chick-fil-A, and the cafeteria is not in discussion with Chick-fil-A to do so.  LaBrae's cafeteria does offer vegetarian and/or vegan items on many days during the week, but these items typically aren't large in number due to the demand.