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Wild West Book Fair

Saddle up and ride on over to the Wild West Book Fair, which is being held at all three school libraries during the school day October 12th through October 20th.  Mosey on down to shop during Parent/Teacher Conferences on Thursday, October 12th from 2:00-9:00; lasso a book or two to promote literacy and your school libraries.  Ya’ll come!

H.S./M.S. Student Drop-Off/Pick-Up Instructions Focus on Student Safety

In an effort to improve safety during the times when M.S./H.S. students are dropped off at school in the morning, we are requiring that parents use the driving lane directly along the M.S./H.S. entrance, or the designated drop-off locations on the west side of the LaBrae Complex.  Students are not to be dropped off in the main drive of the Complex.  Doing so creates an unsafe environment where students then have to cross traffic in the main drive and/or the visitor parking lot in front of the Complex. 

In order to prevent students from crossing through traffic, we ask that parents do not park along the main drive for student pick up.  Parents picking up their M.S./H.S. child are to use the driving lane adjacent to the school, or the parking lot in front of the Board of Education, which is directly behind the bus loading zone. Vehicles are prohibited from being in the bus loading zone during student drop-off/pick-up times.

It is important to eliminate any practices where students have to cross traffic as they enter or exit the building. Therefore, we kindly request that our parents join us in helping to make the morning/afternoon traffic environment at LaBrae a safe place for students.  Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated!

Please refer to the map below for the designated areas referred to above.

Map of acceptable and unacceptable drop-off and pick-up locations for MS and HS students.

2016-2017 LaBrae Local Schools' Bullying Report

The attached report provides data on the types of bullying that occurred at LaBrae Local Schools during the 2016-2017 school year.  Information is also provided on the types of administrative action taken for various incidents.

HS Spring Exam Schedules

Monday, May 15, 2017 - Here’s what’s happening:

Good Morning, LaBrae Vikings! These are your morning announcements for:

Monday, May 15, 2017 - Here’s what’s happening:

Attention Drama Club:  There will be a final drama meeting TODAY right after school in Mrs. Stilwell’s room 705. The meeting will last to approximately 3:30.  

Attention students in grades 9-11: If you would like your end-of-the-year report card mailed home, please provide a self-addressed stamped envelope to the main office.

Attention seniors: Order forms for professional photos of graduation are available in the Guidance office.  Forms are due back to Miss Nogales by this Thursday, May 18th

In sports news:

Turning to the weather:  Today will be around 54 with some morning rain.


In the cafeteria today:  BBQ ham OR Philly steak sandwiches, French fries, and corn cobbette.


And our thought for the day: Your past does not have to be your prison. You have a voice an a future. You have a say in your own life. Choose your destiny wisely."






Semester Exam Information

Ohio's Options for a High School Diploma

LHS student Remind App

Attention LHS students and families (grades 9-12):  Sign up for the LHS student Remind App to receive automated text updates concerning events, deadlines, and other important information from the LaBrae High School main office, athletic office, and school counseling office. 

LHS Class of 2017 Remind App

Attention LHS Class of 2017 students and families (seniors only):  Sign up for the LHS Class of 2017 Remind App to receive automated text updates concerning events, deadlines, and other important information from the LaBrae High School main office, athletic office, and school counseling office.

LaBrae Envirothon: Two Time State Champions and National Qualifiers

LaBrae Envirothon Award

The mission of the North American Envirothon competition is to foster knowledgeable, skilled and dedicated citizens who have an understanding of natural resources, and develop citizens who are willing and prepared to work towards achieving and maintaining a balance between the quality of life and the quality of the environment.  This mission is accomplished by engaging young people in a competitive process that fosters their understanding of the principles and practices associated with the management of natural resource and ecology.  Students are challenged to apply their knowledge in a competitive process as they are presented with complex ecological dilemmas.  One particular group of LaBrae students for the last two years has been the best the State of Ohio has to offer.  The LaBrae Envirothon Team, coached by biology teacher Craig Klotzbach, won their second state championship in June. At the state competition, team finished in first place in Aquatics, Forestry, Wildlife, and the presentation on Invasive Species.  They finished second place in Soils.  

The team's victory earned them the opportunity to compete in the national competition held in Ontario, Canada from July 24th to July 29th.  This year's competition was titled Invasive Species: A Challenge to the Environment, Economy and Society.  More information on the particular aspects of the competition can be found by following this link: 2016 National Envirothon.  The LaBrae team improved upon their 19th place finish in 2015 by finishing 8th in this year's national competition.  Congratulations are in order for Mr. Klotzbach and team members Tessa Smith, Alexis Nubani, Maddie Cope, Joe Jaros, and Caleb Hineman.



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