LaBrae Local Schools' Hall of Fame

The LaBrae Schools' Hall of Fame is an attempt to recognize distinguished alumni of LaBrae Local Schools, et. al (Leavittsburg & Braceville High Schools), student-athletes who've had distinguished athletic accomplishments, and members of the school community who have had made significant contributions to benefit students and LaBrae Schools.  Nominations can be made for individuals who generally meet one or more of the aforementioned classifications.  Honorees selected to be inducted into the Hall of Fame can be honored accordingly:

Nomination Classifications:

  • Distinguished Alumni Inductee: Is a nominee having special achievement in their area of specialty and/or received honors, awards, or other recognition on a local, regional, national, or international level.  The nominee has demonstrated leadership, character, service, and/or philanthropy to society in general or to a specific segment of society.
  • Athletic Inductee: Is a graduate of LaBrae who excelled as an interscholastic athlete with individual accomplished that are deemed exemplary
  • Community Contributor Inductee:  Graduates, LaBrae employees and/or members of the community who have made outstanding contributions to LaBrae Schools Community.

Nomination forms are available at the bottom, and completed nominations can be mailed to:

LaBrae Locals Schools HOF
Office of the Superintendent
1001 N. Leavitt Rd.
Leavittsburg, Ohio 44430

Nomination applications can also be submitted electronically via email to: vikingsatlabrae [dot] school.

Note: For the nomination made in 2020, the initial year of a combined Hall of Fame, nominations must be received by April 1, 2020.  All subsequent years the deadline for nomination submission will revert to the HOF Bylaw requirement of February 1st.

LaBrae Hall of Fame Roster

2017-2018 Inductions

  • Maj. Wilbur Hudson, Class of 1942
  • Theodore Toles Jr., Class of 1943
  • Larry Sanderson, Class of 1966
  • Patricia Hazlett Johnson, Class of 1970
  • Gregory Bartholomew, Class of 1985
  • Keith C. Packard, Class of 1990

2015-2016 Inductions

  • Robert L. Davies, Class of 1954
  • Shirley D’Orio Combs, Class of 1963
  • Raymond W. Hazlett, Class of 1964
  • Dr. Cheryl Crane Duffy, Class of 1983

2013-2014 Inductions

  • Fred Alberini, Class of 1956
  • Heidi Bartholomew, Class of 1988
  • David Blahu, Class of 1941
  • Reverend Marc Booker, Class of 1982
  • Michelle Murray, Class of 1985

2012-2013 Inductions

  • Terry Armstrong, Class of 1989
  • Richard Bee, Class of 1956
  • Dr. Barbara Broome, Class of 1972
  • Russell Sewell, Class of 1970
  • Jerome Stephens, Class of 1981

2011-2012 Inductions

  • Dr. William Clark, Braceville Class of 1944
  • Mr. Don Graber, Braceville Class of 1961
  • Mr. Richard Wilms, Braceville Class of 1969
  • Mr. Michael Birchak, LaBrae Class of 1972
  • CDR/Dr. Tyson Brunstetter, LaBrae Class of 1989

2010-2011 Inductions

  • Edward Monroe - Braceville - Class of 1939
  • William Nicholas - Leavittsburg - Class of 1949
  • Dr. Mary Bufwack - Leavittsburg - Class of 1965
  • Rex Ferry - Leavittsburg - Class of 1969
  • Gerald Douglas - LaBrae - Class of 1974

2009-2010 Inductions

  • Dr. Richard Dix, Class of 1968
  • Leonard Hartman, Class of 1988
  • Lawrence Sanderson, Class of 1945
  • Dr. Frank Veres DO, Class of 1958
  • Dr. Russell White, Class of 1988