Viking Pantry Referral Form

We appreciate everyone who has donated to our pantry. We are currently accepted donations. Donations can be dropped off at Bascom or the Main Complex (high school entrance) anytime during the school day. Please contact Amy Frederick for more information or to make a monetary donation: amy [dot] frederickatlabrae [dot] school or 330-898-0800.

Referral Form

LaBrae Food Drive

Please help us stock the new pantries opening November 12, 2018 at Bascom Elementary and the LaBrae Complex.

Donated Items Can Be Brought to School with Students or Dropped Off at the Main Office in Each Building.

Thank You for Your Support!

#CramtheVan to Support the LaBrae Food Pantry

LaBrae Local Schools will officially open the district food pantry on November 12, 2018.  In preparation to fully stock the pantry, we are conducting a food drive at the entrance to the football playoff game scheduled at Viking Stadium this Saturday night.  We are asking all of Viking Nation to not only enthusiastically support our team on Saturday, but we kindly ask that you support all LaBrae students and families and help us #CramtheVan with a donation prior to the game.  LaBrae is partnering with the Second Harvest Food Bank to open the food pantry so that we can provide proper support to our students in an effort to optimize their learning environment in assisting them with critical nutrition resources important for learning.       

LaBrae Earns High Marks on the 2018 Ohio Report Card

The Ohio Department of Education has released the 2018 school report cards, reflecting academic performance for the 2017-2018 school year.  When you access LaBrae's district report card, or the report card of one of our buildings, you will notice that we receive grades in categories labeled Student Achievement, Student Progress, Gap Closing, Graduation Rate, K-3 Literacy, and College/Career Readiness, which is identified with the label "Prepared for Success".  

Over the course of the last four years, Ohio schools have undergone many changes to the standards and expectations associated with the State report cards.  For example, the 2015-2016 school year was the third consecutive year of a different test being administered by Ohio schools, thus 2017-2018 was the third year where the same testing vendor and testing format were the same as the previous year.  Not only have there been changes to testing, there have been changes to the learning standards and accountability measures. One such change was an increase in the percentage of students who must be proficient for a district, or school building, to have met an indicator in the tested subject.  The old standard required a district to get 75% of its students to score proficient or better to meet the achievment indicator.  The new standard, implemented in 2015-2016, requires an 80% proficiency standard in order to meet the achievement goal on any testing area.

Overall grades are appearing on the report cards for the first time.  LaBrae Local Schools' overall district grade on the 2018 report card is a "B".  Among the 608 public school districts in Ohio, 28 districts, or 4.6%, earned an "A", and LaBrae is among the 191 school districts, or 31%, that earned a "B".  

Many successes are evident in LaBrae's 2018 report cards, and our performance in many areas continues to rank high in comparison to other Trumbull County schools.  While LaBrae is proud of the many positives on the report card, it also acknowledges those categories on the report card that represent opportunities for improvement.  Our challenge continues to be maintaining areas of academic excellence while diligently addressing those improvement opportunities.  Furthermore, while LaBrae is proud of its success on Ohio's report card, the report card is not our only measure of success.  There are numerous examples of excellence and commitment to students throughout our District, that when coupled with our achievement, serve as evidence of the good being done for our students and families.  In essence, LaBrae works hard everyday to create a learning environment that is safe, nurturing and educates the whole child.  All of our successes are a testament to the hard work of our students and staff, and are achieved with the help of a strong and supportive community. Our staff is honored to serve this community and this is a report card of which the entire LaBrae educational community can be proud.   Should you have questions regarding LaBrae's report card(s), please contact the Office of the Superintendent at 330.898.1393.

Lastly, LaBrae Local Schools has also provided a PDF attachment below comparing all of the grades earned by the 20 public school districts in Trumbull County.

(Note: The report card links below will direct you to the Ohio Department of Education's website and provide excellent interactivity, allowing the viewer access to greater detail in each component accessible through embedded hyperlinks.)

LaBrae Local Schools' 2018 Ohio Report Card

LaBrae High School's 2018 Ohio Report Card

LaBrae Middle School's 2018 Ohio Report Card

LaBrae Intermediate School's 2018 Ohio Report Card

Bascom Elementary School's 2018 Ohio Report  Card  

{Bascom's Report Card will only provide K-2 literacy data on the percentage of students who are on track in reading.  Bascom Elementary does not administer Ohio assessments in grades K-2, therefore, the building does not receive a grade in many report card components.  The lone achievement indicator for Bascom Elementary is an attendance indicator.}

LaBrae Contracts with Warren Township for an S.R.O.

Officer Barb

LaBrae Local Schools has entered into a contract with Warren Township to provide the district with a school resource officer, or S.R.O., for the 2018-2019 school year.  Officer Dan Barb, a Warren Township Police Department Officer, is LaBrae's new S.R.O.  Officer Barb is a native of Youngstown, Ohio.  He is a graduate of Youngstown's East High School.  In addition to his police academy training, Officer Barb has completed his EMT and fire school training.  He lives in Mahoning County and has two school age daughters.  LaBrae welcomes Officer Barb, and we look forward to working with him to ensure the safety of all students and staff.  

H.S./M.S. Student Drop-Off/Pick-Up Instructions Focus on Student Safety

In an effort to improve safety and limit the number of building entry points during the morning M.S./H.S. drop off, LaBrae is making adjustments to our morning drop off locations effective with the 2018-2019 school year.  Students can no longer enter the M.S./H.S. at the doors located on the west side of the Complex as permitted in prior years.  Effective with the first day of school, the three points of entry for all students will be the main high school entrance, the middle school entrance adjacent to the bus loading zone, and the main Event Entrance. When dropping off your middle school or high school student(s), we are requiring that parents use the driving lane directly along the M.S./H.S. entrance, if you enter the school campus from N. Leavitt, or the newly designated drop-off location in front of the Board of Education Office, if you are entering the school campus from Eagle Creek Dr.  Also, all student drivers must use the M.S. entrance or the Event Entrance.  

The drop off zones will be marked with cones, and we encourage multiple vehicles drop off students at one time in the designated zones.  This should help expedite the drop off process and move the traffic through more efficiently.  Additionally, students are not to be dropped off in the main drive of the Complex or in the visitor/staff parking lot in front of the high school.  Doing so creates an unsafe environment where students then have to cross traffic in the main drive and/or the visitor parking lot in front of the Complex. 

In order to prevent students from crossing through traffic, we ask that parents do not park along the main drive for student pick up.  Parents picking up their M.S./H.S. child are to use the driving lane adjacent to the school, or the parking lot in front of the Board of Education Office, which is directly behind the bus loading zone. Vehicles are prohibited from being in the bus loading zone during student drop-off/pick-up times.

It is important to eliminate, as practical as possible, any practices where students have to cross traffic as they enter or exit the building. Therefore, we kindly request that our parents join us in helping to make the morning/afternoon traffic environment at LaBrae a safe place for students.  Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated!

Please refer to the map below for the designated areas referred to above.

Map of acceptable and unacceptable drop-off and pick-up locations for MS and HS students.

Cafeteria Accounts/Fee Payments

PaySchools Central for Online Payments

Pay Schools Central

LaBrae Local Schools is excited to announce that we now offer a new online payment system called PaySchools Central. PaySchools Central provides all parents in our district with an easy way to pay for student fees and lunch accounts in one place. This can all be done in the convenience of your own home through an easy-to-use online portal:

The PaySchools Central parent portal is easily accessible and will always be available on the home page of our website. Also, you can access PaySchools Central by clicking on the graphic above.  You can also access PaySchools Central with the convenience of a mobile app available in your respective app store.  However, PaySchools strongly recommends that parents register using a personal computer rather than using the app, as the app is not mobile friendly for registration.

Creating a PaySchools Central account is easy, quick and free! Simply add your child to the system using their student ID number and some other basic information. Next, the system will take you through a step-by-step registration process. Once your account is created, you will find a variety of features that will make the management of your student’s fees easier.  Please refer to the supporting documentation below for assistance.

Fees paid online will incur an Internet convenience fee. The ACH fee per transaction when using an electronic check is $1.75.  When using a debit or credit card the transaction fee is 3.9% of the transaction amount.

Lunch transactions will incur the following fees: The ACH fee per transaction when using an electronic check is $1.75.  For transactions less than $50, the fee for using a debit or credit card is $1.65.  For transactions of $50 or more, the fee is 3.9% of the transaction amount.

We are pleased to offer our parents a streamlined online payment system that will provide you with a faster, easier, and more convenient option for paying school fees for your entire family. For further questions regarding PaySchools Central, contact the treasurer's office at 330.898.2408.  

Also, please access the following tutorial video for your assistance: PaySchools Central Tutorial Video.


QuikApps Program for Free/Reduced Lunch Applications

Pay Schools QuikApps

LaBrae Local Schools has also implemented QuikApps, an online free and reduced meal application system, for the families in our district.  This program offers families a private and secure method of submitting applications. QuikApps makes it easy for parents to apply for free or reduced meal status for their children using a simple, secure, step-by-step online form. Applications can be signed electronically, and eligibility for meal benefits is efficiently reviewed and meal status is typically determined within 24 hours of application submission.  Parents wanting to use QuikApps will need to create an account.  Moreover, parents are encouraged to permit email notifications in their account settings so that application determinations are automatically sent upon review and approval or denial. You can access QuikApps by clicking on the graphic above, or this link QuikApps. QuikApps and PaySchools Central will require two separate accounts, but parents can use the same login credentials for both accounts.  Please see the How To Guide below for step-by-step instructions on creating an account.  Additionally, a tutorial video is available to assist you with QuikApps.  The video is available using the following link: QuikApps Tutorial Video.  If you have further questions regarding the QuikApps program, please contact Alisa, Propri, LaBrae's Food Service Director, at 330.898.5863.

September's School Calendar Adjusted to Accommodate Professional Development

LaBrae Local Schools is adjusting the school calendar for students on two Monday's in September so professional development activities can be conducted with the teaching staff.  On Monday, September 10, 2018, school will not be in session for students in grades K-5.  School will be in session on this date for students in grades 6-12.  On Monday, September 17, 2018, school will not be in session for students in grades 6-12, but students in grades K-5 will be in session.  Bus transportation and cafeteria services will be operating without interruption for students who will be in session on both of the aforementioned professional development days.    

7th and 12th Grade Immunization Requirements

Parents, please be aware there are new immunization requirements for students entering 7th and 12th grades.  Please see the details in the PDF below.  Immunization records for ALL new students and students entering 7th and 12th grades are due by September 17, 2018.  If you have questions, please email sharron [dot] harperatlabrae [dot] school (Mrs. Harper.)  Make your appointments early to avoid the rush at the start of school.  Thank you.

See also Immunization Summary for Ohio School Attendance.


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