Make Donations to LaBrae Local Schools' Programs

Many programs at LaBrae have been the beneficiaries of the generous spirit of many parents, alumni, community members and friends for many years.  If you desire to make a donation to one of our programs, please use the Paypal "Add to Cart" button below to make a donation.  

  1. Select a donation level {Donors can adjust the quantity of a donation in the checkout process, i.e. donate $10 x 3 QTY = $30.00 donation.}
  2. Select a program to which you want to donate {If a particular program is not listed, select the "Other" option and designate the program in the box for "Special Instructions".}
  3. Select whether you would like the donation to be public or anonymous {The name of an anonymous donor will be kept on file in the treasurer's office, but remain unknown to anyone else.}
  4. Click Add to Cart
  5. Complete your donation using one of the following options:
    • Select "PayPal" to donate using funds from your PayPal account, or
    • Select "Checkout" to donate with a credit card or debit card (Most Common Option); This option allows you to donate as a guest without having a Paypal account.
    • How to make an additional donation in one checkout: Once you are in your shopping cart during checkout, you can select the link "continue shopping" located in the upper right corner of the shopping cart window, and this will return you to the donation page where you can select another LaBrae cause to which you can donate.

LaBrae Local Schools, as a public school district, is a non-profit organization.  All donations to LaBrae programs are tax deductible, so long as no goods or services were received in return for the donation.  LaBrae Local Schools thanks you for your generosity in supporting our students, staff and extra-curricular programs.

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