Fact or Fiction?

This portion of the LaBrae Local Schools' website is designed to allow our constituents the opportunity to submit questions regarding matters being discussed within the community.  It is an attempt to increase communication and ensure that accurate information is provided on issues relative to the school.  Additionally, it helps the District maintain transparency with the community as the Board of Education and staff at LaBrae work to provide excellent service to our community.  

If you are hearing conversation about the schools and would like to determine whether the information is accurate, please use the link below to submit a question.  Your question will be posted along with a response providing an explanation or clarity to the question.

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Progress Book Elimination?

Question: I heard the school will no longer be using ProgressBook for students and parents to check grades and assignments. Is this fact or fiction? If they are suspending its use could we know why? {September 1, 2018}

This is false.  The District uses the software available through our Information Technology Center (Neomin) which is housed in the adult education building at TCTC.  There are no plans to discontinue the use of ProgressBook.  However, starting with the conclusion of the second nine weeks, our school offices do suspend the accounts of parents for those families that have outstanding fees.  Accounts are reactivated when the fees are paid in full.

Athletes and Detention

Question: Someone has told me that football players do not serve detentions because the coaches make the kids run at practice instead. Is this for all student athletes or just football? {September 29, 2017} 

This is false.  However, in general, athletes are not excused from punishments, such as detentions, in lieu of discipline being administered at practice.  Often times, when athletes serve their detention, there is additional punishment administered by the coach as a direct result of the athlete being late to practice as a result.

Biology Instruction

Question:  Questions have been received concerning the change in instructors for Biology II at the high school and inquiring as to if the change is occurring and why. {August 8, 2016}

Yes, there is a change in assignment where the instructor who taught Biology II is no longer teaching the course to create room in the instructor’s schedule to teach all sections of Biology I.  The impetus behind such a move is to create consistency in the quality of instruction in several core courses offered at LaBrae High School.  As Ohio has mandated the new End of Course exams in Biology, Algebra I, and Language Arts, and quality points earned off of the passage of these exams determines whether students earn a diploma, the mandate has caused LaBrae to assess how we can best assure that all students subject to this graduation requirement are prepared to pass the exams, earn sufficient quality points on the exams, and thus, graduate from high school.  This objective is best accomplished by ensuring quality and consistent instruction in the tested areas by assigning, where possible, the same teacher to deliver the instruction in the tested subject area.  To this end, almost all courses corresponding to the End of Course exams have been assigned to one teacher.  The only exception is with English I, or freshmen English, as it wasn't possible to align all sections with one teacher as a language arts teaching position was eliminated when a teacher resigned this summer.  It is our mission to provide quality instruction to all students to facilitate students meeting, or exceeding, the State requirements.  LaBrae can, and must, balance meeting this objective and still maintain the rigor offered in our higher level science courses. 

Various Questions


  • Is it a policy for teachers to pass back tests as a group so that we can compare our grades to see if there are any errors or mistakes?
  • Is it true that if you drink alcoholic beverages the weekend before practice that you will be allowed to participate? Also will it show up on the so called random drug tests?
  • Is it true that the "random" drug testing is the first Thursday of every month?
  • What is the school policy on male athletes wearing tops at practice. Is it mandatory? 
  • What is the policy of extra, free, and background checked help for extracurricular activities such as volunteer football coaches, etc.?  {October 6, 2015}

These questions are good questions that deserve answers, however, these questions are not ideally suited for the type of Question & Answer format found in our Fact or Fiction page.  The Fact or Fiction submission of questions is checked approximately one time a week.  The Fact or Fiction portion of the LaBrae Schools' website is not intended to replace more direct lines of communication such as a phone call, office visit or an email.  The aforementioned questions are best suited to be asked by directly contacting the appropriate person as applicable, such as the teacher, athletic director, principal or superintendent.  In doing so, the appropriate LaBrae employee can be attentive to your question more promptly, and it ensures that you are dealing with the individual who can accurately answer your question.   

Transgender Issue

Question:  I heard that there are transgender students at Labrae, which restroom will they be using? I don't feel comfortable with my child being in the restroom with someone who is not biologically that sex. {October 6, 2015}

Over the last several months, transgender related issues have garnered more media attention, and as a result, all school districts have been confronted with examining their policies and evaluating how to best address these issues.  The administration has evaluated policy, consulted legal counsel, and subsequently, has developed some guidance on how to best handle transgender issues as they arise at LaBrae Local Schools.  All questions regarding transgender issues should be directed toward the Office of the Superintendent.  You can contact the superintendent's office at 330.898.1393

LaBrae Cafeteria Offering Chick-fil-A?

Question:  I heard that the LaBrae cafeteria is going to begin offering Chick-fil-A starting in upcoming months?  Is this true?  Do they offer vegan chicken? {September 25, 2015}

There are no plans for the LaBrae cafeteria to offer Chick-fil-A on our menu.  The cafeteria has had promotional events in the past via partnerships with Domino's or Pizza Hut.  However, these promotional events are typically periodic one-day events.  There is currently no such arrangement to offer the same with Chick-fil-A, and the cafeteria is not in discussion with Chick-fil-A to do so.  LaBrae's cafeteria does offer vegetarian and/or vegan items on many days during the week, but these items typically aren't large in number due to the demand.  

Administration Attendance at Events

Question: Did the rule change from last year that at every sporting event there has to be an administrator? Just asking because there was not one at the boys game last Friday. {August 24, 2015}

No Board policy, or rule, exists that requires the administration to attend every sporting event.  The administration at LaBrae Local makes every effort to attend varied events throughout the school year.  The purpose of attending school events serves three purposes.  First and foremost, the administration attends events to support our students and our programs. Additionally, when attending events, administrators are able to observe and assess the operation of our programs, which helps the administration evaluate their overall effectiveness.  Lastly, administrators at events work to ensure that fans in attendance, whether they are our students, parents, or visitors supporting our competition, abide by accepted protocols of fan behavior.  

Furthermore, some sporting events draw a significant number of fans, and as such become a greater priority for regular attendance at such events as opposed to others.  In fact, the bylaws of the Ohio High School Athletic Association require district representation at varsity football and varsity basketball games.  LaBrae ensures that there is a district representative at home varsity football and basketball events.  In most cases, the representative is an administrator.  On occasions when an administrator is not present, there is a designee who is serving as the district representative. Coaches are able to serve as a district's representative/designee when an administrator is not present.

Sports and Physical Education Waiver

Question: Can students earn physical education credits if they participate in a varsity sport? {August 24, 2015}

Currently, LaBrae does not have a policy permitting a physical education waiver, or earning of credit, if a student is a participant in a sport.

Sports Attendance Policy

Question:  A question was submitted expressing concern regarding the attendance policy instituted by the new soccer coach. {August 21, 2015}

Coaches have discretion to implement policies that are specific to their sport.  Concerns about such policies should be directed to the coach, as direct and open dialogue on issues of concern are best resolved with direct communication.  If necessary, concerns can also be shared with the appropriate administrators.  In this case, the appropriate administrator is our Athletic Director.  Additionally, one important reference for parents available on our website is LaBrae's Guide to Being Heard at School.  It can be found by following this link:  Guide to Being Heard at School 

Student Drug Testing

Question:  I heard that student-athletes are going to be submitted to drug testing. If this is true, will every athlete be tested or will it be random? Also, who will be covering the cost of the test, the school or the athlete? Lastly, what drugs will they be tested for? {August 5, 2015}

This is accurate.  The LaBrae Board of Education has adopted policy permitting student drug testing.  The primary focus of the testing is to administer baseline testing to student-athletes prior to each sport season, and random testing throughout the year to student-athletes and student drivers.  The Athletic Director met with parents in May at LaBrae's fall pre-season meeting to unveil the program and provide information about our administering of the drug testing program.  The expense of the drug testing our student-athletes and student-drivers will be paid for by the District.  The District is using revenue from the state casino tax as a means for paying for the testing.  Those students tested may be tested for LSD, Alcohol, Marijuana, Amphetamines, Methadone, Anabolic Steroids, Methaqualone, Barbiturates, Nicotine (Tobacco), Benzodiazepines, Opiates, Cocaine, Propoxyphene (Darvon), or Any substance included in U.S.C. 802 (6), which an individual may not sell, offer to sell, possess, give, exchange, use, distribute, or purchase under State or Federal Law.  Look for more information soon on our District website.


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