Immunization Clarification

Regarding immunization requirements for students in 7th & 12th grades

  • 7th grade students are required to show proof of having a Tdap booster shot & a meningitis shot (MCV)
  • 12th grade students are required to show proof of a Meningitis booster shot if their initial vaccine was given before age 16
  • If a student is older than 15, and getting their first meningitis shot, they will only require one vaccine
  • The Trumbull County Health Department has added a walk in clinic for students in grades 7 & 12 only on Tuesday September 20th from 12pm-4pm.  The clinic for September 21 is full.
  • The clinic is first come, first served. Vaccine supplies are limited.
  • The TCHD will only vaccinate students if: They are on Medicaid ,they have no insurance, or the insurance they have does not cover vaccines
  • Remember to take your child’s shot record with you if you go to the TCHD
  • If you have questions, call the TCHD at 330-675-2590 #3
  • Shot records are due in the clinic by Sept. 30th