Student Meal Prices for SY 23-24




Reduced Breakfast is $0.00 daily.

Reduced Lunch is $0.00 daily.

Adult Lunch is $3.60 daily.

Ohio Budget Authorizes Reduced Price Meal Reimbursement: The Ohio Department of Education was thrilled to announce the State of Ohio FY24-FY25 biennial budget includes funding to cover the cost of providing no-cost breakfast and no-cost lunch to students qualifying for reduced-price meals. Starting in school year 2023-2024, the budget language requires public and chartered nonpublic schools that participate in the National School Breakfast or Lunch Program to provide a breakfast or lunch at no cost to each student eligible for a reduced-price breakfast or lunch. The state will then reimburse the schools 30 cents per reduced-price breakfast served and 40 cents per reduced-price lunch served.
Schools will continue to certify students for free or reduced meals and count and claim meals as free, reduced or paid. Schools simply will not collect money from reduced-price eligible students starting in school year 2023-2024.