Is LaBrae Considering Building Construction?

Question:  I've heard that LaBrae wants to build another school building.  Is this true?  {January 26, 2015}

This is somewhat accurate.  Each year the Ohio School Facility Commission (OSFC), the agency that spearheads new school construction, contacts the District to gage interest in engaging in a construction project.  Up until recently, the LaBrae Board of Education has replied to the OSFC each year that LaBrae is not interested in participating.  However, this year, LaBrae was informed that if it were to participate in a project the State of Ohio would pay for 91% of the construction project.  This is a dramatic increase in the "State Share" compared to the approximate 70% the State paid when the LaBrae Complex was constructed shortly after the turn of the millenium.  

Armed with this information, the Board of Education made a decision at its December meeting to enter into the planning stage for construction of a new elementary building to replace Bascom Elementary.  Once the planning and assessment stage is complete, which is expected to be in May, the Board will then have to make a decision to move forward with a construction project and seek voter support to pay for the 9% "local share", or the Board can decide to not move forward with a project and keep using Bascom Elementary to house grades PK-2.