Soccer Coaching Question

Question:  Is it true that the LaBrae boys' soccer team will have the same coach this year as last year?  {March 2, 2015}

While this comment will not be answered directly in this format,i.e. on the Internet, one should be aware that following each athletic season, coaches undergo an evaluation process conducted by the Athletic Director.  Evaluations of the coach take a broad perspective and take into account whether the coach is meeting the objectives established by the Board of Education and Administration of LaBrae Local Schools.  All coaches are provided vital feedback and are engaged in honest discussion about their performance and their leadership of our programs. It is the goal of LaBrae to continue to employ coaches who are meeting established objectives.  Conversely, it is also our goal to cease employing coaches who are consistently not meeting the objectives of our athletic and curricular programs.

Specific inquires as to the status of coaches should be directed to the Athletic Director.  The Athletic Director can be reached at the high school by dialing 330.898.0800.