Cross Country

Questions: Is it true that if the Cross Country coach leaves, you are cancelling the program?/Is it true that you are cancelling funding for cross country? {April 8, 2015}

There is no truth to the suggestion in the questions above that the future of cross country is in jeopardy.  The leadership of LaBrae is not interested in using any opportunity created by a potential vacancy as an opportunity to cancel a sport, especially one that still provides our student-athletes with authentic athletic experiences. Despite the roller coaster ride that is school funding in the state of Ohio, LaBrae's finances are stable, and such an act isn't warranted at this time.  However, should finances for the District ever be dire enough, all programs would be evaluated as to whether or not they can be sustained.  Thankfully, we are not at that point, and we don't expect to be in the near future.